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Below is my Personal story of what took place with me a little over 2 weeks ago.
I was a customer with a well known, large Mobile phone company for over 7 years, on a 2 year term contract with 14 months left. I was paying over $140 per month and in order for me to get out of the contract terms I would have to pay an early termination fee of $200. Well, looking at this opportunity and trying to make sense of such a simple concept, I did the numbers and guess what, I made the switch. I kept my current phone and now will save over $1500, and that is with me paying the early termination fee of $200 and the membership fees to get started with my new plan. I have referred a few people and now my Mobile phone bill will be FREE!! I have excellent service and I didn’t miss a beat when the phone number was ported over to this New company.

This story could be yours one day, so please review your mobile phone contract terms and termination fees (if there are any) and if this opportunity saves you dollars and makes you dollars, then guess what, (in my humble opinion) it makes sense to switch! If you liked this content, please “like and share” with others.
Talk soon,

P. Jackson,
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