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  • Are You in Shape to Live Your Dreams?

    Here is a Big Question for you;Are you in shape enough to live your dreams? Are you in shape enough to handle all that your dreams and your purpose have for you to do. If you work a 9 to 5 job, are you in shape enough to maintain an excellent performance on your job  for […]

  • One Beep Away from Leaving My Family!

    Hello my friends, On the surface it is really easy to say that family comes before work and yes I am in total agreement with it. However over the past few weeks, I can admit that sometimes work if not kept in perspective, can take a life of its own and bump family down to that second […]

  • Still Wanting My Toys is the Key to Happiness!

    Hello My Friends, I hope you enjoyed the holidays with family and friends and were grateful of the past year. Now that you have assessed your last year and put down all of your New Year’s Resolutions, if you have kids or know of someone with kids, I want you to pay close attention to them […]