Hello my friends, I thought I would spend this time talking about the creator and guru of attraction marketing known as Mike Dillard (the guy in the middle along with Larry “Stonecold Millionaire” Beacham and Shola-one of the MLM Brothers). He is the person who created the Magnetic Sponsoring curriculum which is known as “THE” course on attraction marketing, direct sales and lead generation for the networking industry. Since I have been marketing on online and going to many different events, I have noticed that when it comes to having the top speakers on the stage, Mike Dillard is the one that seems to always have a special prime time slot that captures not only the audience attention but even the other top speakers invited to the event.

Everyone knows how his Magnetic Sponsoring book and other lead generation training products revolutionized the network marketing industry from an attraction marketing lead generation standpoint, so it was a definitely a pleasure for me to have personally met Mike at the Live the Dream event in Las Vegas in 2010 and listen to his personal story, his take on the internet marketing arena and the next mountain of opportunity he is about to climb.

With any MLM organizations and opportunities, needing more reps and having a productive duplicatable system to train your reps is paramount to leveraging your time and energy and buildig a dynamic team that will produce the results for you to make residual income to live your dream. Click on the Banner above to start learning from the Legend himself.