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Have you ever dreamed or thought about quitting your job and start working from home to make a living? Now more than ever, Internet marketing is becoming a very strong work from home option that are allowing many dreams into reality. If you’re one of these persons considering internet marketing as a means of making a living then you’ll want to read further.
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While Internet marketing is a very viable means of making a living, it’s not a get-rich overnight scheme. It is a business that requires time, effort and dedication to see positive results from it. Please don’t let this discourage you to take action however unless you have a healthy bank account to work with, it may not be a wise move to give your boss notice tomorrow that you are leaving your job. If you are serious about making a change and have thought out your timeline on when to make a break, you can get to work on your Internet marketing business and in a relatively short period of time be able to start the transition from your 9 to 5 job to working from home.

Here are three steps that can get you started with Internet marketing:
The first step is to get clear on what you want in life and your business and why you want it. Your purpose and mission have to be big enough to push you through the many obstacles of working for yourself. When you are clear about your intentions and truly believe that you can do it. Some people may try to dismiss this step and say that they have heard this stuff before and blah, blah, blah however this is clearly the base that every great man or woman started from to have great achievements.

The second step is to decide on what type of Internet marketing you want to be involved in. You’ll want to do your research, check out all the options and possibilities out there and find the right match for your passions and strengths. Once you have done this you need to educate yourself of the inner workings of Internet marketing that will pertain to your business so you’re well prepared. Research and find you a mentor or coach that have the results that you are looking for and align yourself with them.

The third step is ensuring that you have what you need to get your business started and keep it running. Yes, we can talk about having office items such as office furniture such as a good desk, comfortable office chair but really these things don’t matter.  I know of a few people in this online space that are doing great things in their business sitting on their comfortable lazy boy. This is not my personal preference but that’s the point, whatever environment and work preference that allows you to be at your best, of course, is the way to go. Get a laptop or pc/mac, with reliable Internet service (preferably high speed such as DSL or Cable), along with tools such as domain names, blogging platform and email auto-responder system to name a few.

If your budget is a bit tight these items can be purchased here and there while you’re learning the ropes of Internet marketing. Once you have educated yourself and have the items you need to get started it’s time to take the plunge!

The great thing about Internet marketing is that many people are operating their Internet marketing business while they’re working a traditional day job or solely full time like myself. Just think, the motivation to be successful is quite obvious each day while you’re commuting to and from work. Success in Internet Marketing takes work and dedication on your part, but it can be done…it has been done. And you can do it too.

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Brick and Mortar to a Click and Order

To reflect the current business dynamic of our day, I overheard a someone make a statement that, “We are moving from a brick and mortar business setup to a click and order process.” If you don’t believe that just take a ride through your city and notice all of the vacant properties along the way. Many business owners found the barriers of entry to start or maintain a business was much easier when they transitioned their current business model to an online process. Listen in on this video post interview with Darrell Evans, a residential mortgage broker, as he will enlighten you on the move he made with his business. Thanks and please share your comments