Do your remember a top Pro Basketball player saying, “Practice, Practice, we are talking about Practice?” In the internet marketing sales arena, I relate this statement to Prospecting. I know many people will say, “Prospecting, Prospecting, why do I need to Prospect for clients? I have my business in place online and you want me to Prospect? Now I finally have a chance to sit back in the comforts of my home and do a little work and you want me to continue prospecting?”

With some of my own team members and others that are fortunate to have an online presence with their business, I happen to hear these comments quite often. First and foremost sales is a Peoples business, and in any sales business, prospecting for clients is the lifeblood of any business to produce and sustain revenue. Listen to one of the TOP Internet Marketer in the World, Cedrick Harris, as he share his #1 strategy for his business. Give me your comments with your thoughts.