The word Mentor is defined in one dictionary as a trusted counselor or guide. Do you have a counselor, guide or coach in your life? Many times when I am on the phone working with a strong personality who has exhibited signs of success in life or with their business, the question to me may be, “Why do I need a mentor or coach?  There is a great quote that states, “If you ever see a Turtle on the fencepost, assume it had help getting there.”As great as Tiger Woods is at the game of golf, even he has a coach. Michael Jordan, Jerry Rice, Muhammad Ali, are just a few names of the greatest sports figures of our times, all had coaches during their playing days.

I love to read stories and watch documentaries of some of the strongest leaders in business share how there was someone in their life that they could receive guidance from and move forward. Think of it this way, we all have 2 eyes in the front of our head for a reason, to see ahead of us right? Who is watching your back and noticing those blindspot areas around you? Who is that person that is willing to tell you the truth and give suggestions on the right way to go or think about a situation? This is what mentors and coaches do. Listen in on this video as Larry “Stonecold Millionaire” Beacham talks about what it means to have a mentor. I would love to read your comments,