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This post is regarding one of my business role models who is making things happen on all levels. Michael V. Roberts is the Chairman and CEO of The Roberts Companies along with his brother Steven C. Roberts. They also have a strong reach in the entertainment field with the Roberts Broadcasting Company along with Roberts Publishing. With their portfolio of businesses, they have created thousands of jobs and opportunities for others and are continuing to push the envelope for more to come.

As an entrepreneur myself, I like the fact that they are providing solutions to needs out here in the marketplace and also have developed some multiple streams of income and opportunity to capitalize on. Michael was in Dallas a while ago at the open house of one of his company’s Marriot Hotels and I had the chance to shake his hand and bring up his book, “Action Has No Season.” The main theme of the book is “Taking Action” however there are many, many valuable nuggets and wise words for Personal development and Decision making, that every leader should have in their arsenal. You can check it out here by clicking on the bookcover below:

Enjoy, Learn and Grow!

I had a chance to listen and pick the brains of one of the top marketers online, Aaron Rashkin, and get an understanding on what makes him and his business so successful. He has a simple quote that puts everything in perspective as far as owning and being successful with your own business and I am paraphrasing however it states; to go from working on your business part time to full time back to part time making an above full time income and also being full time with your family and other interests!  As simple as sounds it is also very insightful to say the least. In so many words, this is why I became an entrepreneur, to get paid for bringing to value in my respective business field and to maximize the moments and opportunities that life has to offer.  

 Even though the photo only captured him and I, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention his better half and business partner Sophia. Pretty much at every marketers conference the two of them can usually be found networking or on stage together and that shows a true team. They went from being a personal trainer and real estate broker to becoming the leading home based business professionals that are all about making an impact in the world we live in.

He performs a weekly online training  with Carbon Copy Pro’s training system and also has his own training module, “Skillionaire 2 Millionaire” that is currently out for you to review. I am glad that I can say that I have him as an online marketing mentor on conference calls and webinars and I always leave with another nugget or two to add to my marketing portfolio.

Talk Soon

Hello my friends,
Who is this Gary Vaynerchuk (pronounced Vay-ner-chuk) person and why is he getting major media play and what is he doing? I’m glad you asked. For many of my colleagues that are operating businesses online, we all know that this guy is making things happen in a big way! He first captured everyones attention with his unique approach to personal branding and business strategies. He transformed his traditional retail local wine business into an industry leader Wine Library TV (www.tv.winelibrary.com), by leveraging social media tools to promote the company. He is blunt and very dynamic on stage during his speaking engagements and engages his audiences every step of the way. Gary also authored the books “Crush It“, that made it on the NY Times Bestseller last year and now has his latest book “The Thank You Economy“, are out in bookstores everywhere.

I was watching this guy on “The Morning Joe” TV show on CNBC one day, discussing the power of social media and the the leverage it have for businesses and brands that are looking for a better way to do business in the 21st century. There are many different ways of reaching out to your customers via both online and offline methods which are very exciting, efficient and profitable. The traditional advertising and branding methods of writing a big check for Television and/or print media are no longer the only game in town! It was also mentioned that he had over a million followers on twitter, so for whatever reason, I decided to send him a tweet regarding the comments on the show and to my surprise, a couple of hours later he responded. Talking about being responsive to your following, I couldn’t believe this happened and wondered, “Does he respond to the other 999,999 followers like that?

I had the pleasure of meeting Gary at a recent marketing conference (Gary Vee in the Big D) to hear him speak, get my books signed and briefly go over some current business strategies that Iwas using similar to his business. The main takeaway from our discussion was the word Hustle; Keep Hustling! There are times when business may progress slower than you anticipate or you feel overwhelmed with projects or people’s demands in front of you. No worries, take a break, regroup and get back to Hustling.

 The reason the term “Hustling” is so important is because in business, companies are growing day by day with more creative minds sitting in the lab coming up with the next product to take the masses by storm. There is no time to sit back and get comfortable because someone else is out there grinding and making things happen. Are you Hustling? If so, go ahead and start Crushing It with your next product or service offering. 

 You can review or pick the books up here below.

Click Bookcover!

Click Bookcover!

I love to read your comments or connect with me and let’s make it happen!

Hello my friends,

At a recent online marketing conference, I had the pleasure to meet and talk with Carbon Copy Pro’s C0-Founder Jay Kubasek. Carbon Copy Pro, which is the largest internet marketing education platform in the world.  He was a keynote speaker and while listening to his presentation on stage, the question I heard from an audience member sitting next to me was; “Is Jay Kubasek Serious?” The question was raised because this audience member was seemingly expecting a magic formula for how to be successful with an online business and when Jay explained the 3 Steps for Success in terms of the  “X, Y, Z Factors”, that person couldn’t believe and understand how simple it was. Now I mean simple in terms of the clarity and not being complicated however this doesn’t mean that these 3 factors are easy!

Here are Jay’s 3 Factors for Success:

 1. X Factor – Why? You need to figure out your Why. Why do you want to be an entrepreneur? Why do you want an online business or whatever type of opportunity you want to pursue? What is the pain or discomfort that is bothering you to the point of why you are in this industry? This X Factor is the foundation of success and is developed through your core values. Right now, Take 2 minutes and think about why you are doing what you are doing. Very few people can communicate why they do something. This why has to be purpose driven and include other people. Jay suggests spending at least a week to discover your Why.

2. Y Factor – Skills? Determine the way you will take action. You need to develop a plan and strategy and work smarter. Jay suggests spending a least a week to learn the basics of marketing and sales skills.

3. Z Factor – Leverage? Learn how to leverage yourself and apply the resources around you to increase your effectiveness in your business. The most powerful form of leadership is the person with the most leverage. Having leverage develops leadership and authority and you can use this skill to build your teams and your business. Jay suggests spending a week to learn how to apply leverage.

Figure out who you are, why you do what you do and what do you want

I have been around many of the leaders long enough to know that the mindset is the most vital element in personal and business development. There are no magic formulas or “blue pills” to take to automatically make you a success. I did encourage the person with that question to reflect on these statements and go home and get to work if they are serious about going to the next level. I do want to leave you with one more nugget from Jay; “Tell your story and Inspire people, there is not much competition out here in the marketplace with your story.” Great comment Jay!

Feel free to comment and/or tell me your “Why,

Make it HAPPEN!!!

Hello my friends, this post is about finding a Role Model to fuel your Dreams! Yes, this picture is of me in my Dallas Cowboys football suit at the age of 10 getting ready to go play the game that I love!

I was at my Parents house the other day and decided to go through some old photos and came across this picture. Going through many pictures with my dad, it brought back some great memories and laughter to see the people, clothes and hairstyles of back in the day. This one particular picture caught my attention because it made me aware of what I did as a kid and that was dream and dream big!

You know here in Texas, Football is King and there was not a team bigger in those (and current) days than the Dallas Cowboys and not a player in my eyes bigger than my favorite player which was Wide Receiver #88 Drew Pearson. Ok you Steeler fans, I know Pittsburgh won the title a few times during those days and you also had a great wide receiver in #88 Lynn Swann (I liked his game also), however here in Texas, being surrounded by football and all things Cowboys day in and day out, Drew was the man!

Every Sunday afternoons after Church, myself like thousands of other kids all over, would come home and watch the Pros play and dream of catching passes, running and scoring touchdowns just like Drew. After the games, the entire neighborhood crew would go out and play a game of football, imagining and doing some of the things just like the guys we just watched on TV a few hours ago. Everyone knew not to lay claim to be Drew Pearson because I had the football suit, the hairstyle (Large Afro) and running and catching skills to match. I dreamed and worked on my game in those early years that I was often picked to play with the older boys teams many times to run certain plays and catch the ball. What all of us had in common was the idea and dream that one day we may be in a place of doing the same thing that our “heroes” were doing and that was performing on the field in a game we all enjoyed watching and playing; boy, those were the days of good times and no worries!

Fast forward 11 years and my dream did come true to play professionall football with the Atlanta Falcons and Ohio Glory. Fast forward another 21 years and I had the chance to meet Drew Pearson at a charity event and we had a great conversation on having and living out your dreams and being a role model for others. 

Our football days are over however the power of dreaming never stops. In my particular business, there are a few individuals out here that I can dream and visualize working with and speaking on stage with and one day it will happen. It doesn’t matter what field you are working in, have a dream, pick out someone that can inspire you to greater heights, study your craft and execute the plan. Many obstacles can and will come your way however the sky is the limit and you can do anything you put your mind to with the right attitude, faith and a strong work ethic. Get a Role Model, take Action and Make it HAPPEN!!!
Any Dreams, ideas or comments you want to share, leave them below.

Hello my friends, I thought I would spend this time talking about the creator and guru of attraction marketing known as Mike Dillard (the guy in the middle along with Larry “Stonecold Millionaire” Beacham and Shola-one of the MLM Brothers). He is the person who created the Magnetic Sponsoring curriculum which is known as “THE” course on attraction marketing, direct sales and lead generation for the networking industry. Since I have been marketing on online and going to many different events, I have noticed that when it comes to having the top speakers on the stage, Mike Dillard is the one that seems to always have a special prime time slot that captures not only the audience attention but even the other top speakers invited to the event.

Everyone knows how his Magnetic Sponsoring book and other lead generation training products revolutionized the network marketing industry from an attraction marketing lead generation standpoint, so it was a definitely a pleasure for me to have personally met Mike at the Live the Dream event in Las Vegas in 2010 and listen to his personal story, his take on the internet marketing arena and the next mountain of opportunity he is about to climb.

With any MLM organizations and opportunities, needing more reps and having a productive duplicatable system to train your reps is paramount to leveraging your time and energy and buildig a dynamic team that will produce the results for you to make residual income to live your dream. Click on the Banner above to start learning from the Legend himself.

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