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Take Massive Action!

Hello my friends,
I was both humbled and honored to have David E. DeMarco, a three time Emmy Award Winning Editor from the Philadelphia area, interview me at an Internet Marketers conference. We are part of the same team and over the course of the weekend at this conference, the phrase, “Take Action” was overwhelmingly the phrase of the day, as we heard this and so much more from all in attendance.

We can become bombarded with so much information and training that we can get overwhelmed with it all and not apply it to our business. Many times we slow our progress by trying to develop a perfect plan when there is no such thing as having a perfect plan. Get to it already; write some articles, record some videos, make some phone calls and put your talent out to the marketplace. Remember the quote from General George S. Patton Jr.; “A good plan implemented today is better than a perfect plan implemented tomorrow.” Take Massive Action! Please share your comments and thoughts,

In Business – Sales Relationships are the Key!

I have enjoyed the pleasure of being in the sales industry my entire adult life. As I look back and review the success of those deals and accomplishments, they all stem from having good sales relationships with my clients, team members and business partners. The trust, patience, knowledge and understanding of all parties involved is what allows the sale to develop and be maintained throughout the years.

This brief video was recorded at the recent MLSP “Live the Dream” event in Las Vegas and out of all the tips and “gold nuggets” shared on and off stage, at the end of the day in my very humble opinion, it’s all about developing the relationships with each other not only in sales but also in the game I am thankful we wake up to called LIFE. Enjoy the video and share yout thoughts,

In this 1099 world of entrepreneurship, we all need and value a community of like minded individuals who encourage and support one another during the great times and not so great or should I say “character building” times. Brian Fanale uses this word “community” to describe what MLSP and the “Live the Dream” event was all about.

Master One Skillset at a Time!

In the internet world there are so many avenues and strategies for income and success with pay per click, article and blog writing, video and audio recording, affiliate and social media, offline meetings and networking and so on. All of these channels can get quite overwhelming when you are bombarded with tons of information on the internet about product launches and conference calls on how to grow your business 100% in 30 days, etc… Focus is the name of the game and in my interview with Winnielee Chuus, she tells us of one key strategy that can get move our business in the right direction the right way.

Teamwork makes the Dream work! Monte Bertrand

There is no “I” in the word Team however there is an “I” in Win! When you have a strong Team component that is operating and communicating as one, there is a strong chance that this team will Win in its endeavors. Two heads are better than one. The pace may be a little slower with others than maybe by yourself (and it doesn’t have to be), however the victory is much sweeter when you have others to share it with.

On the video, Monte Bertrand talks about the team aspect of our organization and why it’s the preferred way he does business. He lives in the Philadelphia area and I live in the Dallas area and even though we work together with our business, our loyalties to the Eagles and Cowboys were kept in check. Teamwork is what makes the Dream work…Go Cowboys!

It’s unbelievable how, many people can listen to audio tapes, write articles and go to meetings and events every week and when it comes time to perform, there are plenty of excuses to go around as to why things are not happening. At the MLSP “Live the Dream” event, listen as Dwayne Pyle (top internet marketer) shares this one exciting tip on what to do when come back from the event with your note tablets full of notes.

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