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A Message to the NFL Football Players Cut from the Team!

What’s NEXT?

NFL football player getting cut

This video is my message to those NFL football players cut from their team. There is nothing like practicing and playing with some of the NFL Superstars and good players, developing friendships, signing autographs, traveling to different cities playing against guys you used to watch on TV and video games.

Now the next thing you know, you are talking to the coach about why you will not make the team and he hopes you well in the future. After the Limo or taxi ride to the airport for a flight home, you are back to square one with your NFL Pro playing career in jeopardy.

Please watch the video here:

If you only receive one idea from this video, then it has been worth my time to create it.
I just want to encourage you to keep the dream alive and give it all you got to make it back on the field. However, if by chance things don’t work out, God has given you a mind to dream again and continue making things happen off the field. Your faith, work ethic and other talents got you to the highest level and you can take this same drive and determination and do other greater things with it.

This is Your Dream, Keep God 1st and Give it all you got!
Make it HAPPEN!!!

Patrick “Action” Jackson former Pro Wide Receiver (Atlanta Falcons/Ohio Glory), College Player (SFASU), High School (Tyler John Tyler Lions) Player.

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I am Ready to Play and They are Talking About a Redshirt Year!

Now do the Redshirt option have you mad enough to Transfer?

After your final high school game and during spring football recruiting season, college coaches from all over the country have tracked you down and told you how much they like you and how you can help their football team win games. Now the time has come for you to report for the start of the season and you are all “gung ho” about playing on game-days for this football season however the same coaches are talking about giving you a Redshirt this year.

This brief video is a must watch to help you with that Redshirt option:

Did you learn a nugget or two from this. Make sure you view your options and keep in mind that college football is big business. You have to approach things away from the white lines and goal posts, like it is, a business!

Young athletes tend to let their passion spill over and become emotional and personal and I hope that before you do this, take time off with those in your inner circle to vent and get things off of your chest before you allow the coaches to see that side of you.

There are a lot of mental and political games going on that may or may not be in the team’s best interest. Quite frankly, all you want to do is play ball and this is understandable, however and most importantly, sit down and take into consideration the big picture which includes you, the team and coaches involved, not just this year but for years to come.

In most cases at many college football programs, coaches are not there for the entire time that you are there and they want you to be on their team however they are caught up in a “Must Win Now” business and if they don’t see your abilities meshing well with the team at this current state, then they will use this redshirt option for you to get better.

I hope you get some value out of this video and post and I do wish you well in your college athletic endeavors.  and no matter what, give your best effort everyday because those 4-5 years go by so fast and your work and your character will last much longer!
Make it HAPPEN!!!


Patrick  Jackson “The Action Online” is a former NFL Wide Receiver (Atlanta Falcons/Ohio Glory), First Team All Conference College Player (SFASU) and High School (Tyler John Tyler Lions) player.

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Those Dreaded Two a Days Football Practice for High School Players

Are You Ready for Some Football?

It’s that time of the year where you can smell the morning dew on the grass and
two a days football practices is the greatest time of the year for football players
because the season is starting.

I want to send a video message out to all of the High School football players starting
their 2013 football season in two a days football practices all across the country.

Please watch the video here and work hard, have fun and give it all you got!

There are some basic tips that I suggest you keep in mind as you go through one of
the greatest periods in your athletic and life development. Make sure you are having fun,
working  hard and applying what you have learned and worked so hard for on those
Big Friday Night Lights!
Stay blessed and Make it HAPPEN!!!


Patrick  Jackson “The Action Online” is a former NFL Wide Receiver (Atlanta Falcons/Ohio Glory), First Team All Conference College Player (SFASU) and High School (Tyler John Tyler Lions) player.

P. S. Click here to read some “Practical Action Tips” for more Guidance on and off the field!


The Action Online Group has teamed up with a few mastermind groups made up of Leaders in many fields, Top Internet Marketers, Offline Marketers, 6 & 7 Figure Income Earners! Below are some of the benefits that is offered through our Partner teams for driven persons and leaders, interested in my primary online business for making multiple income streams.

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I Can Relate to Kevin Ware’s Leg injury

This is a personal post that I thought I’d share to help someone going through injury or a major physical setback on what they love and enjoy doing. Like so many others over the weekend, I took some time to watch the NCAA Men Basketball tournament and had a chance to see the Louisville vs Duke game and view Kevin Ware’s leg injury as it happened and I immediately had a flashback to what happened to me some 21 years ago. While playing for the Atlanta Falcons, I had suffered a slight ankle break that caused me to eventually take an injury settlement and leave the team and fortunately have my football rights signed over to the Ohio Glory of the World League.

Action_Jackson...OhioGlory_001_(2)Playing for the Glory allowed me the chance to get back into game action and regroup for the NFL again. We traveled to Barcelona, Spain to play a game and during that game I suffered a dislocated foot, broken ankle and fibula all on one play that would eventually be the end of my playing career. Even though my leg was damaged, the injury looked extremely worse than what it was because my foot was going the complete opposite of what it should be and I can tell from the look on the guys faces that it was pretty bad.

However, the flashback that I had when I lay on the football field after suffering that injury, was not so much the pain that I felt but my reaction to what was going on around me. With all of the chaos going on with the trainers working on me, the coaches and players all watching with through their hands over there faces and even my own thoughts and feelings of panic, was starting to affect me. A memory that never fades was the peace and stillness that came over me as I lay on the field. It was my right foot that was broken however I calmly asked the doctor that was cutting through the tape and material on that injured foot if he could cut the tape off of my left shoe because I needed to get something important to me.

Everyone kept saying that “Hey, it’s your right foot that is injured”, however I kept insisting that they would cut the tape off of the left shoe. During my playing career I would always write on a piece of paper, the Bible Scripture, Philippians 4:13 – I Can Do All Things through Jesus Christ which Strengthens Me” and I would wrap this up with tape and put it in my sock. I would tell myself that no matter what happens on the field, good or bad, that I would still be standing on God’s word. Even though this injury would be the last time that I would ever step on the field again in actual game competition, I knew that if I could just get my hands on that piece of tape with those words on it, everything would be alright.

Now here is where it gets better because just like Kevin Ware as he lay on the court in excruciating pain, he had enough will and emotion built up in him to tell his teammates and coaches to “Go Win the Game!” This is what hit me the most because as soon as I heard this mentioned by Coach Pitino, I recalled what happened during our game. As I was laying on the stretcher to be taken off the field, the guy (linebacker) that landed on my leg came up to me pretty distraught and emotional and he kept apologizing and saying that he couldn’t play the rest of the game. I remember telling him in a firm voice to get back out there on the field and play! Keep playing and don’t worry about me. If you can’t play the game for yourself, then you better go play it for me! Even though I lay there in pain and with thoughts of this possibly being the last time I played, I truly believed that the strength and fire in that message that came out of me to that guy was from God.

Kevin Ware seem to be a good-hearted young man and I pray that the young man’s leg heal again to the point where he can continue playing and living out his dream. As an older man now I can advise him and others that are rehabilitating from injury, to give everything he has in this rehabilitation process and surround himself with positive people to get through the isolation periods and minor setbacks. I remember when I returned home after surgery, one of my football buddies (Larry Centers – Arizona Cardinals) left me a message on my answering machine that really encouraged me through the rehab process and I will pass it on to Kevin and others and that message was, “I feel sorry for that leg because I know you are going to work the hell out of it!” That’s what I did too!

Also I want to encourage him further that for some reason, if his leg will not heal to the point of resuming his basketball playing career again, one thing that’s not broken is the ability to dream again. A year after my injury and at this present time, thanks be to God first, the doctors and medical staff, my family and close friends, I am walking and running fine and I’m still dreaming and working hard on my dreams. Yes, I get a little emotional thinking back on those times however I’m at peace because I can truthfully say that I practiced and played the game with everything I had in me. So go to work on that leg and keep dreaming young man, keep dreaming because You got plenty of life and achievements ahead of you!

Patrick Jackson

In the business that I am in (Online Marketing), it doesn’t take long for your product or service to go global and viral, which can create a financial tsunami in your life. I have witnessed so many lives being changed so fast and in a big way, from working on the internet that it will make your head spin. Not just online marketing but other industries are having these fast life changing results and I am writing this post to help all of you that are experiencing this kind of success in your life.

First of all, I want to give a big shout out and congratulations to all of you who are making things happen in a big way! No matter what industry you are in, if you are seeing some financial success, especially in this “down” economy that we live in, I believe you owe it to yourself to enjoy it.

empower network show me the money
Living in the social media wave, it’s not that hard to find someone that is experiencing financial success; just look around. Attend an event, look on facebook and other social media platforms and you may noticed big cardboard printouts of huge check amounts and stacks of money on videos, etc… and you have to admit, this really should get the blood flowing for all of us to do well in our business. I really enjoy reading and sharing many of my colleagues accomplishments and victories and I pray that they will continue doing big things with their success not only for themselves for others also.

I remember watching a biography story of the Bee Gees, you know the group that sing Staying Alive, Saturday Night Fever, More than a Woman, etc… and they was sharing their story of how they got started, the rise, the success and the losses and they mention this one phrase that sticks with me to this day. The phrase is known as “First Fame“.

First fame is a phrase that defines a period that comes after a time of grinding and working through struggle and hardship, then experiencing a fast level of huge success before you are actually ready for it and all of the “trappings” that comes with it. The Gibbs brothers were referring to their younger brother, Andy Gibbs, aka “The Golden Child”, who passed away at a young age after experiencing huge successes early on. You hear story after story of musicians, actors, athletes, business people and others that hit it big and then experience a tragic fall from grace.

I can’t help but think back to a time, over 20 years ago, when I was playing Pro football. When you are doing something that you love doing and getting paid good for it, that’s an UNBELIEVABLE Feeling! I, along with hundreds of young men playing ball, had that feeling of invincibility and living on a high with no money worries and everyone was just glad to be around you. This was my First Fame” moment and I was living the dream man! Being able to travel to any place in the world, spending money on tons of things that I didn’t need and sometimes didn’t want, just to spend money because I could, was exciting to say the least.

A few years pass, I’m not playing ball anymore due to an ankle injury and now a different reality sets in. Now I’m getting older, the crowd of people are being replaced with the crowd of bills and payments and that invincibility is slipping away. You look around and you realize that you are starting over and you need to get a job or do something to make ends meet. Wow, it doesn’t take long to fall from the top to the bottom and yes the ground hurts and really this is a whole another post that I may write about soon.

However I want to share a tip with you, especially to the “Newly rich”, the “First-Time” success stories that are popping up faster than I can write this post. This tip is call having the Proper Mindset and how this can be the difference in how you help yourself in either case; whether you experience a fall or not. No matter if you are just starting in your business, halfway to success are on top of the food chain, you need to work hard on having and maintaining the proper mindset in regards to life and others around you.

When you hear leaders talking about reading books, being around positive people and having dreams and goals, don’t mistake this talk for idle chatter. It is vitally important for you to prepare yourself with listening to positive audios, reading books and surrounding yourself with the right kind of people to facilitate your personal development and growth. Because when the money and fame start pouring in along with the “trappings of success”, you want to be prepared and know how to handle it.

Will you make crazy purchases just because, probably. Will you want to get that dream car or dream house, yes and you should if that’s your dream right! However with the proper mindset, you will know how to buy and spend and still have financial options without destroying yourself doing it. I have to say that this becoming financially successful and the term “First Fame” is real and happening everyday, so let’s be sure we are developing our mindset and character to be able to handle and deal with success, Successfully!!

If you received some value from this content and/or if you have
more tips to add, Please like and share with others and make a
Make it HAPPEN!!!

P. Jackson
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When the Big Hit Happen, Will You Get Up?

I want to close out the 2012 year imparting some wisdom for you to take with you into the 2013 New Year. I was watching a video of one of my closest friends from my hometown Tyler, Texas (Gary Jones-Pittsburgh Steelers/former Tx A&M Aggie/Former JT Lion) making a “Big Hit” on a receiver. This was during a time when the Defensive Back could hit a Receiver while catching the ball and there wouldn’t be any penalties or fines for hitting a defenseless player. My how times have changed!

The reason I am posting this video is twofold; first because my friend is bringing that wood (hard hit) on the play and I among many of the hometown folks were super proud of his play and production on the field and secondly, the lesson I gleaned from comments made by the commentator regarding the “big hit” was on point and I want to share. Please view the video below.

Here’s the thing, Don Bebee, the receiver that took the “Big Hit” spent some time laying on the ground, did get back up with assistance and walk off the field. In life and in business, there will be plenty of hits coming our way and we can either lay there and wallow or shake it off, regroup and get up. Yes we may need assistance from time to time and that’s what being in this together is all about!

Now with you making all of those New Year’s Resolutions and getting that attitude ready, do all you can to prepare and execute your life’s work. Keep in mind that in life just like in business or playing football, it’s not a matter of if you will get hit but when you will get hit.

With that being said no matter how hard those hits come, do your best to regroup and get back up, even if you need assistance. This world is pulling for the underdog or the one that needs a helping hand and when you get up after those hits, this can be an inspiration to someone to see that you are still able to get up. Don Beebe, I’ve never met you, but that’s the way to get up and to my boy GJones, great hit man and keep bringing that wood in the field of life also!

If you enjoyed today’s post just as much as I did, please feel free to comment and share your insights.
Make it HAPPEN!!!

P. Jackson, The Action Online”

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