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Survival – Motivation for Success!

SURVIVAL – One definition of survival states to continue longer than an adversary to attain life or victory.  This entertaining video regarding The Essence of Survival was cut early one morning doing what I love to do, which is working out, and I was inspired to develop the content from a poster (author unknown) that I have in my office. Whatever endeavor you are working on, take this survival mentality as motivation for success and apply it to your endeavors. Now enough of my writing, enjoy the video and share your comments, thoughts and encouragements with me. 

Let’s GO!

Are You an Entrepreneur? Get Your Mind Ready!

Have you heard of these statements? “It cost to be the Boss or A 40 hour workweek is a vacation to an entrepreneur or a business owner.” These sayings can make working at a job or working for someone else seem tame compared to working as a business owner or entrepreneur. Truth be told some days as an entrepreneur can really be challenging and make you wish for those days of putting work down at 5pm and starting back over at 9am. When you made the decision to step out on faith to pursue your passion, you immediately became the leader you once complained about. The difference now is that you have the power to do something about your complaints; now the buck stops with you!

However no matter how challenging it gets, you cannot put a price tag on the value of work that an entrepreneur is pursuing especially a work of and with purpose. It all starts with your mindset and energy. That energy encompasses the physical, mental as well as the spiritual to make sure you are bringing all that you have to the table because this endeavor will take all that you have to give and more.  Your mind is constantly on your ideas, solutions to challenges and other opportunities that even when you are on vacation, you are always seeking that needle in the haystack opportunity to capitalize on, be it monetarily or personal development.

Your environment will play a huge part in your mental scope of how productive you can be on a daily basis. It is amazing how one word of encouragement from a family member can motivate you to accomplish a task and build momentum for more challenges. So make sure there is positive communication flowing from those around you and if this is not the case, find a different environment or get new friends altogether because your destiny is at stake. I hope this blog empowers you into taking action to give yourself a chance and remember; “If it’s meant to be, then it’s up to me!

Make it HAPPEN!!!  

Insurance Policy Tips!

I am glad that all of you have your insurance policies in place. Grab a seat and get your pencil and pad in front of you because I have been coming across some interesting tidbits working with clients and prospects that I want to share regarding your insurance policies. These tips are going to follow what we learned in school a few years ago; the what, when, where, why and how questioning method.

Do you know what type of insurance policies you have in force? Do you know when you purchased your policies and if they are expiring or has any cash value? Do you know where your policies are located ie, safe deposit box, file cabinet or under the mattress? Do you understand why you purchase those particular policies? Here is a big one; do you know how much coverage you have in place and if this coverage amount is enough?

As we get older, our family situations change and the policies you purchased some time ago may or may not be in your best interest to keep. This is a call to action for you to have a policy review with your insurance agent or give me a call or email. I work with many people on structuring their base financial needs on a solid foundation. Check out for insurance information and/or go to our contact page to have us contact you.


Celebrating Life’s Moments!

How do you celebrate life’s moments? Are you going out to eat, hanging with friends or reading a good book to enjoy those moments? Everyday our lives are made up with many moments for celebrations however we may get caught up in looking for those big moments and overlooking the smaller ones. For you that is on the road to higher achievements in life, take time to really smell the roses, not just put the rose to your nose and recall what a rose smell like. Take the time to call on others that has shared a positive experience with you, it never fails, they may bring up an experience or two that you completely forgot about to give your more reason to laugh and enjoy. These are the moments where our experiences are worth celebrating! I challenge each and everyone to write down what you are giving to life and how you enjoy it. Yes we can take up much time writing or talking about the many issues and challenges going on around us and spend little time on the positive items and things worth celebrating. Just remember the next time you celebrate to invite me for reminding you!

Make today your best day!

Khan Academy – A Unique Way of Teaching!

Hello my friends,

I came across an article about Sal Khan,, in the September 6, 2010 issue of Fortune magazine titled, “Bill Gates Favorite Teacher” by David A. Kaplan. We all have heard of a guy name Bill Gates of Microsoft’ s Fame ,who is one of Khan’s academy’s biggest fan by the way he and his 11 year old son Rory soaks up the learning videos. This academy is a free one man educational platform operated in his revamped bedroom closet that he calls his office and the class lessons are doled out in brief video tutorial mini lecturers all narrated by Khan on youtube and elsewhere that is made simply with audio and an electronic blackboard filled with doodles and diagrams. 

As Mr. Kaplan states it, “Khan Academy holds the promise of a virtual school: an educational transformation that de-emphasizes classrooms, campus and administrative infrastructure, and even brand-name instructors. Sal Khan is a very intelligent man, being valedictorian of his high school graduation class, MBA from Harvard, three degrees from MIT, President of his class at MIT and also did volunteer teaching in Brookline for talented children, as well as developed software to teach children with ADHD. In his professional career life he was a former Hedge Fund manager.

Not only did I get a chance to read and research this online academy, I also got a chance to learn and relearn many subjects (math, science) and new topics about the economy. Will this type of learning replace the standard classroom learning with accredited teachers and professors? Probably not in this early stage of the game however I do feel like this is a great supplemental learning platform that is assisting students all around the world. My daughter, Lauryn, just started Kindergarten and I am making a commitment to have Khan Academy tutorials with her at least once a week starting out. With the way the internet has changed the way we conduct and transact our daily lives, I am glad that Khan had the vision to use his talent in a unique and positive way for not only our kids but our educational development also. Check it out for yourself at and lend me your comments or experiences. 

Make it HAPPEN!!!

Success in business? Focus on success in life

Hello my friends,

I invested my labor day holiday catching up on some needed reading and I came across a very interesting and intriguing article in the business section of the Dallas Morning Newspaper on September 5, 2010, written by Clayton M. Christensen, Harvard Business School professor titled “Success in business? Focus on success in life”. To paraphrase his lesson to his students, on the last day of class he asked them to come up with cogent answers to three questions: “First, how can I be sure that I’ll be happy in my career? Second, how can I be sure that my relationships with my spouse and my family become an enduring source of happiness? Third, how can I be sure I’ll stay out of jail? Though the last question sounds lighthearted, it’s not.”  

This last question obviously got me to thinking about how can I be sure that I will stay out of jail. A few months ago, I was a victim of someone using my name on a traffic citation and it took me 2 days along with a couple of letters from my family members to prove my whereabouts in order to not have to endure a court date, a fine or possibly serve some jail time, all because of someone using my name and date of birth and the officer not performing due diligence on his part. Totally innocent and if not for a very timely fax letter from an attorney that wanted to represent me in court before I knew anything about this citation, this situation could have taken a completely different direction. With mistaken identity, identity theft and other fraud type of activity going on, it’s a 24/7 job to make sure that you are on top of your own business. 

Regarding the article, Clayton (the author) goes on to say that two of the 32 people in his Rhodes scholar class spent time in jail. According to Clayton, “these guys were good guys, but something in their lives sent them off in the wrong direction.”  He also made note of what he notices of his HBS classmates, that many come to the reunions unhappy, divorced and alienated from their children.  There is a guarantee that not a single one of them graduated with the deliberate strategy of getting divorced and raising children who would become estranged to them. What happened? “They didn’t keep the purpose of their lives front and center as they decided how to spend their time, talents and energy.”

According to Clayton, here are the key points to take from this article that will allow you to start and maintain your success. “Number 1, is to create a strategy of having a clear purpose for your life that encompasses familyand career goals. The choice and successful pursuit of a profession is but one tool for achieving purpose. But without a purpose, life can become hollow. Number 2, is you’ve got to define for yourself what you stand for and draw the line in a safe place. When we have the option to choose between right and wrong, many times we often employ the marginal cost doctrine in our personal lives; A voice in our head says: Look, I know that as a general  rule, most people shouldn’t do this but in this particular extenuating circumstance, just this once, it’s OK. Number 3, is to understand the value of humility. He asked students to describe the most humble person they knew. One characteristic of these humble people stood out: They had a high level of self-esteem. They knew who they were and they felt good about who they were. It was also decided that humility was defined not by self-deprecating behavior or attitudes, but by the esteem with which you regard others. Good behavior flows naturally from that kind of humility. Number 4 is having the right yardstick (Very important). This past year Clayton was diagnosed with cancer and thankfully his life has been spared. He learned a very insightful lesson regarding his life when it comes to career and your being. His ideas has generated enormous revenues for companies that uses his research but with being confronted with the disease, it was interesting to see how unimportant that was to him. He concluded that the metric by which GOD will assess our lives isn’t dollars, but the individuals whose lives you have touched.”

He ends this article with this thought; “think about the metric by which your life will be judged and make a resolution to live every day so that in the end, your life will be judged a success.” Please lend me your thoughts and comments regarding this article and your life and success experiences.

Be Richly Blessed!

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